22 Esports is a Portuguese esports organization founded on the 22nd of June 2019, that is represented nationally and internationally, aiming to support and train the best players in their respective games and platforms, in order to help grow their careers in the esports world.


22 Esports started with the objective of creating and developing competitive teams in several games to better support the growth of esports in Portugal and to increase the value of Portuguese players in the international community.

Although we have expanded our focus, we have also kept true to our roots by continuing to build a bigger representation in multiple games such as,


If esports has caught your attention and you would like to set up an esports team but are lacking the know-how and the resources to do it, we can help.

With the growing need to find innovative ways to attract new fans or followers, esports is a very attractive field to invest in. Esports is rapidly evolving and we now see high profile football clubs and organizations joining the sport. However, many of these projects fail due to a lack of vision, expertise, and resources.

To support this growing need and associated challenges, we have put together a team of professionals ready to deliver results, while bringing their know-how and expertise to the client.

We provide advisory and consultancy services to enable your club or organization to be ready for esports, whether you want highly competitive teams or are just looking to have a presence in this exciting space.

22 Esports can support in all aspects of your journey into the esports arena. This includes setting up gaming rooms, enabling productive partnerships, and setting up an esports department or team.

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It’s in our DNA to organize online competitions, as we have extensive experience in FIFA, Call of Duty and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PubG).

We can provide this service to any football clubs or companies who are considering developing their presence in the esports space.